These Pokeball Cake Pops are deliciously cute

IF you’re one of those Pokemon Go fans who are into everything Pokemon i.e. plushies, power banks, what nots, here’s one for you – edible Pokeballs.

These Pokeball Cake Pop treats are easy to make, look great, and taste just as yummy. Plus they make a cute dessert table centerpiece or door gifts (with the addition of a plastic wrap and a pretty ribbon).

The great thing about this Pokeball Cake Pop recipe is that you can use virtually any cake, and frosting, as long as the flavours go together.

So if you’ve botched your cake in the oven, have extras, or are taking a break from augmented reality, this is a great party recipe that would capture all your Pokemon Go buddies at heart. You’ll definitely run out of Pokeballs for this one.


Pokeball Cake Pops




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