House Of Croissant,
53, Jalan Tasik Utama 6,
Medan Niaga Tasik Bamai,
Sg Besi,57100, Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours: 9.00am to 9.00pm on weekdays,
closed on Wednesday and
from 8.30am to 9.00pm on weekends.
Tel: 03-9054 4866

CROISSANTS, which are typically savoured with plain butter or jam, have seen many faces of change.

Today croissants are served with salmon and salad fillings, as starters and even as accompaniments on main meals in few innovative restaurants. House of Croissant is one of them.

Located in Trillium, a new commercial development next to Lake Fields in Sg Besi, House of Croissant is run by a lovely husband and wife team of Edward Ho and Joy Lee.

0B4AE9188B8C446E9A36777DB6FA00C4SPECIALTY: The Roasted Almond Latte and Iced Hazelnut Latte.

The restaurant is inconspicuously located among a row of the typical neighbourhood shops selling plastic wares, household equipment and groceries.

House of Croissant retains the basic essence of English colonial design and offers an innovative menu comprising of Western and Asian cuisine and a delicious range of croissants served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When we arrived, the restaurant was already busy with families having their lunch and also a table occupied by a group of professionals seemingly busy discussing business issues.

House of Croissant boasts of freshly baked croissants and pastries, served in a cosy, clean and relaxing environment.

We must say that the restaurant was spectacularly clean, stylish, classy and cosy. It was not too loud and we had a nice feeling when the sun faded, and the rain started to pour.

Lee built her passion for croissant when she conceived her first child. Her constant craving for croissants grew her curiosity on the various preparations of croissant.

Starting with a small catering business running from home, Lee and Ho gradually made the bold move of opening a restaurant, to share their creative range of croissant meals to the larger public.

We were first offered a choice of coffee from their In-House Lavazza Premium Coffee. We chose the home specialty, the Roasted Almond Latte and Iced Hazelnut Latte.

The Roasted Almond Latte left a slightly nutty and pleasurable taste with a smooth body. The Iced Hazelnut Latte lacked the body and the desired nutty taste, but as we all know, coffee tastes better when consumed hot.

The menu has several options for vegetarians. We ordered the Freshly Baked French Croissant with Char-Grilled Vegetables. Served with salads on the side, the filling of grilled vegetables was delectable.

DF68721ADBFF4AD9A76798F5F64C1B06CRUNCHY: The Freshly Baked French Croissant with Char-Grilled Vegetables.

The croissant left no grease on our hands. It burst with crunchiness and we relished each chew of the croissant and the vegetable till the last bit.

The smell, taste, softness of the interior and crumbs were just perfect. The sponginess of the eggplant was consistent and tasted less bitter. The tomato was fresh and firm and the small tomatoes served with the side salad, were juicy. For meat lovers, the Crushed Parsley “Lamb Shoulder” with Mint and Black Pepper Sauce is highly-recommended.

Usually I leave out the vegetables served on the side, but this time, I left the meat first, as I began to enjoy the crunchy broccoli, asparagus, carrot and the mashed potato salad. The asparagus was a little soft for my preference, but the head was still crunchy and fresh.

The meat was well-cooked, and oozed with the smooth juices of black pepper infused with zangy mint taste. My mum would have been pleased to see my clean plate with only remnants of tiny bones on the side.

6FA21AC3E55A4725BAE6EF8F4C5CBA46FOR MEAT LOVERS: The Crushed Parsley ‘Lamb Shoulder’ with Mint and Black Pepper Sauce is highly-recommended.

Lee makes a lovely and caring host, and somewhat thinking that the vegetarian croissant may not be filling for lunch, subsequently served us with Mushroom Aglio Olio with Garlic Bread.

The pasta had the rich taste of aglio olio sauce but I wish the kitchen had thrown in more mushrooms, to enhance the earthy taste that I usually like.

Although the serving looked large, we were relieved it was just the right amount as we nibbled on them. For people who are allergic to vegetables, Lee serves the Salmon Spaghetti with Mint Sauce.

Although the sauce was heavily infused with garlic, and tasted strong to the palate, the rich fillets of fried salmon were awesome. The salmon fillets, I believe were simply marinated with salt and pepper, allowing us to enjoy the salmon in its fresh form.

After the serious rounds of food tasting, we were thirsty and Ho made us a hot cup of cranberry and pomegranate tea while Lee made a hot cup of cappuccino as though she knew that I needed my hot cuppa in mid afternoon.

B6D3083384F44CCCBA8F10BCBCA743C1MOUTH-WATERING: The Salmon Spaghetti with Mint Sauce.

Just so that we appreciate the richness of a freshly baked croissant with the hot drinks, Lee baked a hot piece of croissant for us to enjoy, with just butter. The croissant had a nice texture, and was light and flaky.

We enjoyed the crunchy pieces that crumbled in our mouth. The aroma of creamy butter, and its taste still lingered on our tongue.

The last entree was the croissant ice-cream. It took us by surprise as the combination of the ice-cream and croissant was amazing and the pieces of almond flakes with chocolate sauce made it complete.

For a restaurant that is just over three months old, it was busy with walk-in patrons and corporate clients. They also offer catering services and bento delivery.

A86A21F128EF4C108CC1548453950A87DESSERT: The croissant ice-cream sealed the deal.

House of Croissant is also a favourite place for corporate events as the setting is nice for a less formal meeting.

The cost of our meals came to RM95 and the prices range from RM5.90 to about RM30.

There are other dishes on the menu, including Nasi Lemak Mongolian Beef, Nasi Goreng with Chicken Satay and Lemon Chicken Chop.

The breakfast menu includes American Breakfast, which is interesting served all day, Big Breakfast and Continental Breakfast. In place of toasted bread in all the items on the menu, is House of Croissant’s prized croissant.

The hosts were very warm, down to earth and cheerful. We will surely recommend this restaurant to friends who seek a variation to their weekly lunch or dinner outing.

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