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THE long queues and constant refills along the buffet lines at the Mandarin Oriental ballroom at this year’s Norwegian Seafood Gala Dinner attested to its continued popularity for the host country’s famous watery-origin fare.

With dozens of dishes to choose from, there was certainly something for everyone, unless of course, one does not eat seafood at all.

The buffet, arranged in a triangle and accompanied by an extra line along the wall, had each star ingredient displayed to its maximum delectable self that tempted the diner whether through the sense of sight or smell for that matter.

Salmon, cod, mackerel, Atlantic halibut, herring and king crab, among others, worked itself harmoniously in a variety of cuisines from the Norwegian style to more local flavours including satay and curry thanks to renowned Norwegian chef Frank Naesheim and the team.

0FC62ED62C7B444E9B889454EC450A94Well known:Naesheim, who is dubbed the Asian salmon king, is well acquired with the Asian food scene,having first arrived in Singapore 25years ago.


The dinner, hosted by new Norwegian Ambassador to Malaysia Hans Ola Urstad, saw Det Norske Veritas Malaysia, an independent foundation that provides classification and certification services as well as provide technology and management consultancy, awarded the Malaysian Norwegian Business Council (MNBC) Innovation Award.

The MNBC was established 22 years ago to stimulate business and trade between the two countries and 38 of the 50 Norwegian companies in Malaysia are members.

The award is given to an outstanding member that has contributed to increased business, technology transfer and cross-cultural understanding.

A performance by popular local singer and actress Adibah Noor was a soothing end to a satisfying meal.

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