BOSSES can treat their beloved secretaries to a hearty Chinese meal that includes tasty dim sum at Tai Thong restaurants this Secretaries Week.

Tai Thong is running a promotion for a five-course set menu with a minimum order for two priced at RM79.90++ per person (standard price is RM320.40++).

It kicks off with rice served with shark’s fin soup laden with dried scallops, abalone, sea cucumber, crab meat and mushrooms.

4560719168944350B609C34C33A54E83Large presence: The Imperial Dim Sum Duo Har Kau and Siew Mai are set to make an impression.

The rice is dry if it’s eaten on its own but goes well with the soup.

Next up are two new dishes — pan fried lamb ribs with pesto sauce, a typical dish in a Chinese menu and pan-fried cod fish with salad dressing.

I found the lamb a tad chewy.

My personal favourite was the latter.

It was perfectly fried, crisp on the outside and the dressing enhanced the taste.

For some vegetables goodness, try the stir-fried fresh lily bulbs with sliced lotus roots, ginkgo, water chestnuts, celery, sweet beans and macadamia nuts.

The course ends with ginseng and seaweed jelly.

This meal is made from 100% organic seaweed jelly from Sabah with ginseng roots and red dates.

TT Card members would also be entitled to a complimentary bottle of Spanish red wine worth RM68 with the set.

One of the special dishes here is the supersised dim sum dishes which make great appetisers.

Not only is this combination of lily bulbs,sliced lotus roots, ginkgo, water chestnuts, celery, sweet beans and macadamia nuts healthy and tasty, it also helps to lower cholesterol.

The Imperial Dim Sum Duo makes a great starter and it comes with a big bang literally.

The king and queen of dim sum — Har Kau and Siew Mai —are all set to make a great impression.

Chef Yiu Wing Keong from Hong Kong said this dish was already very popular in his home country and China.

“However, the ones we serve here are much bigger. It is more than double the size of a regular dim sum.

“For Har Kau (steamed shrimps in homemade crystal skin), we use 60g of prawn each while for Siew Mai (Hong Kong-style dumpling stuffed with minced prime pork loin, bits of prawns, mushrooms and dried scallops steamed in soup) we use 50g of pork.

“We are also very particular in ensuring that our ingredients are of high quality. We only use the big prawns for enhanced flavour and pork chop meat to ensure reduced fat layers for satisfying feeling and taste,” he said.

Each basket of the Imperial Dim Sum Duo is priced at RM13.80++ comes with a pair of Har Kau and Siew Mai.

Only limited quantities of the dish are made each day, so customers would need to call ahead to reserve.

TT Card members will also receive a complimentary bottle of Spanish red wine worth RM68.

The Secretary Week special set menu is available at all Tai Thong outlets from now until May 6.

For more information, call 1800-88-2338 or log on to the website at or facebook page at Non-halal.

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