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FEAST on bountiful marine harvest and fresh catch of the day, prepared in various styles, at Flamingo Hotel by the Beach every Friday.

Its Penang?s Seafood Galore Buffet Dinner, served from 7pm to 10pm at Flamingo Cafe, shines the spotlight on aquatic morsels which are generously incorporated into a sumptuous variety of local and international dishes.

The cafe with large windows overlooking the poolside and Tanjung Bungah coastline provides the ideal setting for seafood lovers.

Start off at the Seafood on Ice station, where prawns, mussels, and crabsticks are laid out. Or enjoy the delicate yet intense flavours of Smoked Fish, nicely laid out in thin slices on a platter.

One will also find palate teasers like the Prawn Cocktail in Papaya Boat, an assortment of sushi and maki rolls, soups, bread, as well as a variety of vibrant salads at the appetiser station.

Local flavours are predominant throughout the main dish line-up. Pile on some rice, and help yourselves to the many curries and gravy-based items bubbling away in earthenware pots.

Highlights include the Steamed Clam with Fermented Black Beans and Scallion, a pungent yet delicious mix of the bamboo shaped molluscs and pulverised mung bean paste.

The Sotong Masak Lemak Cilipadi, infused with coconut milk and a generous amount of chili, is no slouch in taste or spice.

The equally red-hued Prawn Curry is also packed with flavour. Together, these two dishes are sure to resonate with Malaysian taste buds.

There are also some western offerings such as the Baked Green Mussels Mornay with a layer of cheese crusted on top, as well as crabs cooked in varying styles. The menu line-up changes weekly.

Leave some room for dessert, as the colourful treats are hard to resist.

Puddings, tarts, cakes, pastries and jellies beckon the sweet tooth, as do the traditional kuih. If that is not enough, indulge in several flavours of ice cream, and your choice of toppings.

The Seafood Galore buffet is priced at RM58++ for adults, RM40++ for seniors aged above 55, and RM31++ for children below 12.

The hotel also has special offers for the buffet available on Groupon from time to time, so keep an eye out. Large groups will also receive special discounts, so enquire within.

On Saturdays from noon to 2.30pm, they offer the Kampung Flavours Buffet Lunch, featuring exotic delicacies infused with herbs and spices.

The buffet is priced at RM40++ (adults), RM28++ (seniors) and RM22++ (kids).

In the evening from 7pm to 10pm, there is the Flaming Barbeque Buffet Dinner, where a succulent whole lamb, ayam golek, lamb chops, beef ribs, otak-otak and more, sizzle away at sundown.

It is priced at RM65++ (adults), RM45.50++ (seniors) and RM34.50++ (kids).

The popular Flamingo Sunday Lunch, first introduced four years ago, is still going strong for its unbeatable value for money. Featuring some 168 items, mainly Penang street food, it is touted as the ?XXXL buffet, at an XS price?.

Available from 12.30pm to 3pm, it is priced at RM27++ for adults, and RM15.50++ for children and seniors aged 65 and above.

For inquiries or reservations, contact the hotel (04-8927111) or e-mail afbm@flamingo.com.my.


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