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Tropicana Golf and Country Resort restaurant also offers free yee sang for CNY.

Jalan Kelab Tropicana
Tropicana Golf & Country Resort
Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-7804 8888 ext 306/309/325

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A WIDE selection of local favourites as well as Chinese cuisine will be offered by Tropicana Golf and Country Resort for Chinese New Year.

The Palm Coffee House will be serving a prosperity buffet with an assortment of Chinese specialty cuisine together with stalls that will serve local fare and even desserts.

A fine spread at the buffet.

I started with the organic chicken with dang gui (female ginseng), which is soft and juicy.

Sous Chef Tan Eng Hooi said their chickens were from their own farm near the resort. “They are healthy and the meat is odourless. Cooking it is easy. All we need to do is steam the chicken with dang gui and dates,” he said, adding that the dish was his favourite.

A seafood dish to try is the steamed fish in special sauce, which is fresh, soft and with a tinge of spiciness.

“We use telapia fish and steam it with chilli and plum sauce,” he said.

The other dishes Tan recommended were Deep Fried Prawns with Salad Sauce, Ginger Beef with Spring Onions and Lotus Leaf Fried Rice.

The ginger beef was tender, juicy and more importantly, lean. It was a joy to eat and it was not too chewy.

Tan, who is known for his northern style cooking, said customers could also enjoy the roasted chicken and duck served in a bazaar setting.

There are more than 10 stalls which are sectioned and categorised by eateries such as Gerai Jalan Petaling and Gerai Ying Yang.

Other food offered at the stalls include sotong kangkung, fried kuey teow, popiah, fried dim sum and chicken lobak.

“The roasted duck is a must-have dish during this festive season.

“In Kuala Lumpur, most ducks are not halal but ours are. We stuff the ducks with dang gui, ginger, spring onion, five powder spices and herbs. The ducks are left for an hour before they are roasted for 45 minutes each,” said Tan.

To kick-start any Chinese New Year dining, yee sang is a must and it will be served free for all diners during the prosperity buffet.

Tan said their yee sang was different from others as they did not add oil to the mixture.

“We do not put a single drop of oil as our customers have been requesting us for no oil or a minimal amount in our dishes.

“People are becoming more health-conscious and are more careful with their food choices,” he said.

Instead, they add lime (limau kasturi), which is blended and cooked with plum sauce.

Desserts that will be offered include bubur kacang hijau, bubur cha cha, shaved snow ice in various flavours and soya bean.

For members, the price for the Chinese New Year family prosperity dinner buffet is RM75++ for adults and RM35++ for children.

For non-members, the buffet is priced at RM88++ for adults and RM40++ for children.

The buffet will be available from Jan 30 to Feb 16.

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