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Seasons Cafe (Lower ground floor),
Grand Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur,
72 Jalan Pahang
Tel: 03-2697 8888 ext 8819
Business hours: O’Las (noon to 3.00pm, (7.00pm to 10.30pm);
Seasons Cafe (6.30am to 1am).

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IRANIAN cuisine differs from one chef to another as they inject their own interpretation to render their dishes unique.

When chefs Somayeh Khodaei Moshirabad and Mahdieh Nematollahi Rad are in the kitchen, they meticulously check on food flavours. It is a common habit among Iranian cooks.

801C7CA76A504378956EE9E246198B41Try them: Chefs Somayeh (left) and Mahdieh posing with the dishes they whipped up.

With tempting dish names such Lamb Koobidee Kebab and Chicken with Barberry Rice, foodies should have plenty of reasons to dine at the O’Las Indian Restaurant and the Seasons Cafe at the Grand Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

There is an ongoing Persian cuisine promotion at both restaurants, with an emphasis on Iranian cuisine, cooked by Somayeh, 28, and Mahdieh, 41.

Mahdieh said the different tastes depend much on the region and the alternating four seasons there.

During the recent media food review, we were first served several appetisers; Shirazi Salad (freshly diced tomatoes, cucumbers and onions tossed with vinegar, lime juice and olive oil), Yogurt Salad and Kashk Bademjan (eggplant dip served with naan bread).

The bread, warm and fresh, was soft, inviting second helpings. The eggplant dip was well-mashed and nicely flavoured.

We were told beforehand the Yogurt Salad may be too strong, hence an acquired taste but we found it just nice and not overwhelming.

73EFBE502F7A40BBA90A14E7C36F82C6Signature dish: The Lamb Koobidee Kebab is just flavourful and tasty.

For the main course, Somayeh picked the flavourful and succulent Lamb Koobidee Kebab as a signature dish.

“We marinate it with chopped onions and saffron, which is an important ingredient in Iranian cuisine, and salt before sending to the tandoor oven for grilling.

“I think the taste is somewhat like hamburgers which is why Malaysians will like it,” she said.

We were also served the Boneless BBQ Chicken, Grilled Fish Fillet and the delicious Chicken with Barberry Rice.

Chicken was served with specially-prepared long-grain Basmati rice, barberries and pistachio stripes with saffron.

The rice tasted slightly milky and the berries lent an extra sweetness to it.

The other two must-haves were the Gheyme Stew — a gourmet dish prepared with lean lamb, split peas and tomato paste with eggplants; and the Ghorme Sabzi Stew — lamb stew cooked with red kidney beans and fresh seasonal herbs.

“Both stews are traditional dishes that families will prepare at home and on special occasions,” said Somayeh.

Most of the ingredients used, she said, were imported from Iran except for some herbs which were available here.

0E4AABF238CE444484D6F6E25AD4BC47Refreshing: Iranian tea that is good to go with specialty Iranian desserts for tea time.

While there were no greens served during the review, Somayeh said fresh vegetables usually consumed back in Iran cannot be found here.

“Iranian dishes are healthy and low in calories. The country also produces its own yogurt which tastes different due to the climate where sheep and goats are raised,” said Mahdieh.

For desserts, we had the melt-in-your-mouth baklava, dugh which is a special yogurt drink made from yogurt, salt, water and crushed/dried mint leaves and traditional Iranian tea served in dainty cups.

The cuisine is available a la carte for lunch and dinner daily. Prices start from RM8++ per selection.

This is the writer’s personal observation and is not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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