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Mashed potato is more than just a scoop of soft, pulpy mass laden with brown gravy.

As proven by seven chefs participating in the Marvel-licious US Mashed Potato Bonanza, it is a versatile ingredient that can be used to whip up interesting dishes.

Under the promotional event, 14 dishes would be available in seven bakeries, restaurants and hotels, namely Bonjour Garden, The Baker’s Son, Atmosphere 360, Pietro, Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur, Sheraton Hotel and Dorsett Regency.

The event organised by the US Potato Board (USPB) aims to promote the humble mashed potato as an enjoyable and exciting ingredient.

Made of dehydrated US potatoes, the mash potatoes promises better flavour, taste and texture to the dishes they were added.

Bonjour Garden grand chef and general manager Yukichi Matsu–bara used the ingredient to make two breads, US Mashed Potato Wasabi and US Mashed Potato Dome.

“The mashed potatoes add natural sweetness, extra flavour and made the buns softer,” he said.

A1F97C38BC8C4D1CBB3A9A16C756DA75Tasty: Crispy US Mashed Potato with Crab meat at Atmosphere 360.


Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur chef de cuisine Hasmady Hassan was the proud creator of Tilapia Fillet Broth with US Potato Tempoyak and US Potato Prawn Cake with Otak-Otak.

It was his first time incorporating the mashed potato into his Asian dishes and he was drawn by the pure and original flavour.

“Mashed potatoes are known as a Western staple and I thought why not use it to cook a Malay dish?

“That’s how I got the idea to use it to cook tempoyak (fermented durian),” he said.

Pastry Chef Badrol Hisham of Dorsett Regency raised a few eyebrows with his dessert, US Potato Panna Cotta with Raspberry Jelly Infusion.

The dessert presented in small glasses featured layers of raspberry jelly and mashed potato.

“The combination is surprisingly nice,” Chef Badrol said.

Other dishes available in the promotion included US Mashed Potato Doughnut and US Mashed Potato Sandwich (The Baker’s Son), Crispy US Mashed Potato with Crab meat and Oyster Omelette with US Potatoes (Atmosphere 360), Genovese Pizza with US Potatoes and US Potato Gnocchi (Pietro), Crispy Breaded Crab Cake with US Potatoes and US Potato Lamb Shank Shepherd Pie (Sheraton Hotel) and Pan Seared Barramundi with US Mashed Potatoes (Dorsett Regency).

In his speech during the launch of Marvel-licious US Mashed Potato Bonanza, USPB country representative Eddie Saw said the product was made of dehydrated high quality potatoes and not bad potatoes or by-products.

The US Embassy agricultural attache (Malaysia and Singapore) Chris Rittgers assured that they are not seeking to replace rice with mashed potatoes.

“We want to create cultural liaison and togetherness, and food is a great way to enhance cooperation and understanding.

“Potatoes add diversity and flavour to every cuisine,” he said.

Meanwhile, dietitian Indra Balaratnam highlighted the benefits of potatoes.

She explained that a medium sized potato, which is about 148g, provides up to 45% of a person’s intake of Vitamin C and two grams of fibre.

“It is gluten free and has more potassium than a banana. It also has no cholesterol, fat or transfat,” she said.

The Marvel-licious US Mashed Potato Bonanza is going on from now till Oct 31.

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