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16, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7727 4426
Business hours: Mon to Sat (noon to 2.00am);
closed on Sundays.

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THE owners’ love for outdoor sea sports and the beach have inspired the setting and decor for the Boat House Restaurant & Bar in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

There are collectibles like ship models and fishermen’s netting that are tastefully decorated in different corners of the outlet. Even the name Boat House reflects the kind of laidback and breezy atmosphere that customers can expect . A nice surprise is the bar top made from glass aquarium where fish can be seen swimming beneath.


Live tank: The unique bar top made from glass aquarium with fish swimming beneath.

For Penang-born Adelyn Lim, one of the two directors of the Boathouse, it is easy to see why she enjoys the sun and sea adventure.

However, she is quick to say that the restaurant concept is not seafood dining, but more of Continental and Asian cuisine that covers a wider range of dishes than just pure seafood.

“Boat House has been around for six years now,” said Lim.

“Initially, we only opened downstairs but expanded to include upstairs about two years ago.

“These days, dining is done downstairs while the floor above is meant as a pub with pool tables, dart boards and live telecast of football matches.”

The other partner Law Yen-Ni is the chef, and has been one for 15 years or so.

She is trained in French cooking and much of the menu is very Italian and French-influenced.

“We give a twist and tweak to what’s normally served.

“For instance, rather than just oysters on the rock, I would have toppings of caviar to provide a different dimension of taste,” said Law from Taiping.

For soup, there is the Lobster Bisque, a thick broth cooked with slipper lobster meat and vegetables, topped with toasted crouton and drizzled with a splash of brandy.

Next was the Pig’s Balls and Skin, a house specialty. The balls are made of minced meat and ham, wrapped with skin of streaky bacon, are well-seasoned and flavourful, with side accompaniment of apple-infused Guinness sauce.

The Foie Gras French Air-Flown is also a personal favourite. The pan-seared foie gras is deglazed with Pinot Grigio accompanied by homemade sweetish, raspberry relish and rocket leaves.

The liver was creamy but does not leave you feeling richly stuffed. The texture was in essence, just perfect!

Easy and raw on the palate was the Lumpfish Caviar Oysters, which are fresh oysters with spoonfuls of the luscious caviar, topped with scallion and caperbud served on the rocks.


Must-try: The Jamaican Bread and Banana Butter Pudding that is worth leaving some stomach space for!

The first main was the Air-Flown Rib of Lamb, which is macerated in Paulaner wheat beer, roasted ala minute to order with special herb crust.

Law said many of the dishes are infused with liquor or beer as they help enhance the meat’s taste and bring out the full bursts of juices.

The Slow-Baked Holland Pork Belly Rib is enjoyed for the tender meat that falls of the bones.

“The pork belly ribs are imported and are larger than the ones you get here.

“It has to be slow-baked for eight hours to get the desired texture, and then charbroiled to give a caramelized glaze overthe fat which would just melt in your mouth!” said Law.

The Steak Au Poivre, done medium rare, is infused with VSOP and later flamed in front of guests for that extra action and to bring out the brandy’s taste.

Boat House’s desserts are something worth highlighting, even if you are contented with its starters and mains.

The Jamaican Bread and Banana Butter Pudding is a must-try.

Baked to order, ot is luscious and the hot serving defines a melt-in-your-mouth experience!

The layers of bread with butter is layered with banana and raisins, soaked in rum, fresh egg custard and baked to perfection. A scoop of vanilla ice-cream is put on as topping, creating a delightful cold and warm dessert altogether!

The Chocolate Dark Cherry Souffle was also sampled and needs 25 minutes to prepare.

“There’s also rum, and unlike the usual souffle, there’s dark cherries and chocolate custard meringue beneath, baked over high heat,” Law said.

In the menu, the description reads: ‘Simply dip thy spoon into its bay and thou shalt find dark satiny treasure — awaiting thou gnash.’

Now who can resist such a tempting and lush food statement?

This is the writer’s personal observation and not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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