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Level B1(Nagasari Entrance), West Wing,
Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: 11.00am – 1.00pm
Tel: 012-382 0412, 016-212 1651, 016-212 1680

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THERE is much depth to the menu at Trishna Restaurant, tucked away at the lower ground floor of Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur, which opened two months ago.

True to its name, Trishna (which means desire for food), has a whole list of familiar-sounding Indian dishes like masala, vindaloo, korma, buttered chicken and curries.


THE APPETISERS: Nooraini Kebab, Ajwain Fish, Garlic Prawns, Tandoori Alor and Afghani Chicken.

According to restaurant owners, husband and wife Benny and Neeta Bedi, they have hired five chefs from different parts of India to ensure that the food served is authentic, just like how it’s prepared back home.

“We do not compromise on the taste. Anyone who has travelled to India would know that the food here is as close as to those served back there,” said Neeta who is Indian by birth but has made Malaysia her home for the last 15 years.

A food lover and an avid cook herself, Neeta is an expert on Indian cuisine and does her supervision in the kitchen to make sure the food served is nothing less than superb.

We were served no less than five types of appetisers which came in the form of Nooraini Kebab, Ajwain Fish, Garlic Prawns, Tandoori Alor and Afghani Chicken.


The Carrot Pudding Halwa was made of carrot, milk, almonds and cashew nuts.

The most interesting was the Nooraini Kebabs which were small, round and sushi-like. These kebabs were made of minced mutton or chicken with finely cut vegetables and rich in taste. They were served in the right portion but you will be craving for more.

Next, the Ajwain Fish was really tasty. It was made of good quality Dory fish. You can request for other fish like pomfret or tenggiri but you need to alert the restaurant in advance.

The Afhani Chicken was grilled to perfection with loads of yoghurt, herbs, chilli and spices.

In fact, there was no need for the dipping sauce that accompanied the appetizers. They were delicious on their own and filling as well.

We also enjoyed the Tandoori-styled Prawn Masala. The prawns were of high quality and fresh, roasted to perfection and coated in rich and spicy masala sauce.

For main course, we had two types of brinjal dishes, Aloo Brinjal and Brinjal Masala, assorted Naans, Pulao Vegetarian Briyani, Dalcha, Buttered Chicken, Bendi Masala and Mutton Rogan Josh, which was clearly was our favourite dish.

Mutton Rogan Josh was mildly spicy and creamy while the meat was tender and juicy. It sure had the ‘kick’.

The braised, mashed brinjal with spices and sour cream had a lovely consistency. According to Neeta, this dish was cooked on a slow fire and the richness came from the spices and yoghurt. It went very well with the Vegetable Briyani and Naans.

The Dalca tasted different than the ones served at other restaurants. It was a mix of tangy spices, roasted lentils, yogurt and tamarind relish, which made the dish delicious.

The Vegetable Briyani was aromatic and light which makes you crave for more.

For desserts, we were spoilt for choice. There were Pistachio Kulfi, Carrot Pudding Halwa and Gulab Jamun.

Kulfi, a traditional Indian ice-cream, is made of whipped cream, pistachios and almonds. It had an interesting texture and flavour to it.

The Carrot Pudding Halwa was made of carrot, milk, almonds and cashewnuts. The popular Gulab Jamun (honey balls) was mildly sweet and soaked in warm syrup.

To top it all, try the Fresh Mint-infused Lemonade which was refreshing. It had a perfect balance of sweet, sour and was slightly carbonated. This drink is supposed to aid digestion.

Dine in or take away, Trishna blends the best of Northern Indian cuisine.

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