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THE ever innovative Siam Express in Penang has added to its menu four of the world’s 50 most delicious foods as according to CNNGo.

Ranking first is massaman curry, tomyam is eighth while namtok (beef salad) and somtam (papaya salad) are 19th and 46th place respectively.

Penangites can now sample the dishes at the three Siam Express outlets in Gurney Plaza, Queensbay Mall and AEON Seberang Prai City in Bandar Perda, Bukit Mertajam.

The skilled chefs, who are specially handpicked and brought in from Thailand by owners Patt Khor and Wisakha Nomthangthum, have further enhanced the dishes with their distinct flair to pack in the crowd.

The massaman curry is said to have originated from the Malays with the Thais adapting it into the current sweeter version. Foreigners love it for its non-spiciness with the use of cinnamon, star anise and cashew nuts.

The namtok taste simply divine with every piece of tender meat soaked in the spicy delicious seasoning. The tomyam with its slightly thicker stock is guaranteed to catapult your senses with its oomph.

Wisakha, who hails from Bangkok, said most of the ingredients for the dishes in the outlets are sourced from Thailand to make the taste as authentic as possible.

“Thai food is very healthy as we use a lot of fresh herbs and spices like lemongrass, ginger, kaffir lime leaf and galangal (a type of ginger).

“My chefs must also learn to garnish every dish to show diners that they are passionate about their creations,” she said.

Signature dishes include the appetiser miang kham (Thai leaves roll with fresh herbs and homemade sauce), green curry, steamed fish with lime and chili and pandan chicken.

The evergreen tomyam seafood noodle soup with the noodle imported from Thailand, phad Thai (fried noodle) and belacan fried rice with sweet chicken and condiments are also best sellers.

The menu also consists of fusion items like stir fried tomyam spaghetti with seafood to entice diners.

Homemade desserts of thub thim krob (water chestnut in iced coconut milk), mango with Thai sticky rice and Thai coconut ice cream are the perfect foil to a satisfying meal.

A8DD70C93E1945B0B7AA8F01BB6E8D31Sweet version: Massaman curry.

Thirst quencher offerings comprise of the healthy roselle or lemongrass with soda, fresh fruit juices and sugar-free carbonated drinks.

Diners would also be spoilt for choice with the vast selections of set lunch meals (priced from RM16.90+), single set (RM12.90+), couple set (RM55+), family set (RM115+) and kids’ set (RM7.95+).

Served with mango juice, children will love the choice of Thai noodle soup with minced chicken, fried rice with chicken and egg or spaghetti with minced chicken sauce.

Enjoy the fantastic Happy Hour (from 3pm to 6pm on weekdays) promotion of 50% discount (only RM8.95+) on selected items like tomyam soup with fish/chicken, stir fried chili paste chicken with rice and fried egg, and salted fish fried rice with fried chicken that comes with iced lemon or peach tea.

With its commitment to authenticity and fast and warm service, Siam Express has indeed carved its niche amongst Penangites since the opening of its first outlet in Gurney Plaza in 2004.

The menu is standardised across the three outlets of which business hours are from 10am to 10pm daily.

For enquiries and reservations, kindly contact 04-2265491 (Gurney Plaza), 6405492 (Queensbay Mall) or 5395493 (AEON).

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