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YEE SANG, a staple dish for Chinese New Year, comes with another treasure from the sea at Summer Palace in Marriott Putrajaya.

The sea bird’s nest, also known as the coral grass or seaweed jelly, has been added to the dish for a twist.

With an appearance close to that of agar-agar, these transparent strips are said to be rich in collagen.

Other than that, the dish also had deep-fried wolf-herring strips for an extra crunch.

Chinese head chef Low Lam Chong was particularly proud of the sour plum sauce that was poured over the salad.

“The sauce was infused with apricot and orange jams,” he said.

F9F9F9B713D84D3CBCBAE59EFCA08C46Fragrant: Fried Rice with Preserved Smoked Duck and Fresh Lily Bulbs in Lotus Leaf did not disappoint.

This Salmon & Crispy Fish Yee Sang with Sea Bird’s Nest is one of the many yee sang varieties offered by Putrajaya Marriott this Chinese New Year.

The restaurant has drawn up several Prosperity Chinese New Year and Sau Gong (end of a year’s work) set menus, available from Feb 3 till Feb 17 and Jan 3 to Feb 1 respectively.

Each set has different Oriental delights with auspicious names.

The Braised Flower Shark’s Fin Soup with Bamboo Piths, Crab Meat and Dried Scallops was served next.

0B94938808184EFBB9678CC0944C000CDelicious trio: Roasted Qing Yuan Chicken with Two Treasures — wasabi prawn ball and abalone on a bed of jellyfish — offered interesting bites.

Low pointed out the bamboo piths used were of high quality, hence they were thicker and remained crunchy when served.

Roasted Qing Yuan Chicken with Two Treasures, on the other hand, was a whole chicken served with abalone on a bed of jelly fish and wasabi prawn balls.

Fish is never left out of a Chinese New Year meal as it carries connotations of abundance.

Low recommended Sauteed Sliced Promfret Trio of Pepper in XO Sauce. Slightly hot in taste, the fish slices were a treat.

“We made the sauce with garlic, dried shrimps, scallops and chillies,” he said.

The set menu consists of nine dishes so it is not unusual for one to feel full half way through the meal, but be sure to leave some room for the Grilled Fresh Water Prawn with Mayo and Fruit Salad.

A52BD801913E47BE8C78B6BF3E62DE0AOriental delight:Braised Flower Shark’s Fin Soup with Bamboo Piths, Crab Meat and Dried Scallops is available in the Year of Prosperity set.

The prawns — halved, marinated and grilled — were topped with Japanese mayonnaise and fish roe before being sent back to the grill again.

For those who yearn for a rice dish, Fried Rice with Preserved Smoked Duck and Fresh Lily Bulbs in Lotus Leaf would not disappoint.

As for desserts, try the Chilled Sweetened Avocado Cream with Mixed Fruits and Sago.

The citrusy mango and strawberry cubes jazzed up the smooth and subtle avocado.

The Sau Gong sets are priced at RM888++, RM988++ and RM1,188++ for 10, while the Prosperity Chinese New Year sets are available at RM888++, RM1,088++ and RM1,288++. Yee sang ranges from RM38++ to RM388++.

This is the writer’s personal observation and is not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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