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HELLO folks! In this week’s edition of the Food Trail, we take a look at a husband-and-wife Hainanese Chicken Rice business in USJ11, Subang Jaya.

But first, I would like to take some time for a mail call.

Reader J.C. Wong wanted to know if there are any Sang Yee Chuk (snakehead porridge) stalls in Petaling Jaya.

Well, Wong, this is a good question, but I’m afraid that such stalls are few and far between but I’ll keep a close watch to see if there are any.

Next, Robert Tin from Bandar Country Homes in Rawang said: “Hey Samo, don’t be lazy la. Come to Rawang and do some food stories.”

Sure thing Mr Tin, if I have the time and resources, your township is covered.

Lastly, Susan Lim from Petaling Jaya said: “Dear Samo, you should try the mun chee keok in the Medan Selera Jalan Othman. Its very good!”

Thank you Susan, for your pointers. I am a big fan of this dish and will surely try it out.

Allright, moving on, I was on the subject of Hainanese Chicken Rice.

My colleague and neighbour K. Rama suggested Ah Yoke’s coffee shop in USJ11, Subang Jaya.

He said that the Chicken Rice is worth checking out and I took the opportunity to give it a try on my day off and found this to be the township’s “hidden gem”.

78C2A5839BE8411E841B80FCE25E11B4Tasty: The price may be on the high side, but it is certainly good!

While savouring a plate of Kampung Chicken Rice, the owner came by and asked in English: “How is my Chicken Rice?”

For Public Relations, I must give him a thumbs-up. Why? Because this man really cares about his food quality.

Now, before you take a dive, let me warn you that the pricing here is on the high-side.

Like a farmer friend of mine once said: “Good things no cheap, cheap things no good”, you can apply this to Ah Yoke’s Kampung Chicken Rice.

At RM6.50 a plate, (RM7.50 if you take the chicken drumstick) I would say that I was very satisfied with the fare.

On the Samo-scale, this is the first time I gave an 8 out of 10.

The free-range chicken is tasty and tender. Unlike some I’ve tried before, which are usually rubbery.

Highly recommended are the chilli and ginger sauces. Not many people can pepare it as well as the uncle in Ah Yoke’s.

Now, the best part of it is this: for every order, the owner would throw in a bowl of lou wong kua thong (old cucumber soup).

This is pretty refreshing and the uncle who prepares the order prides himself on using the kampung chicken bones as the main ingredients in producing the soup.

“Ah Yoke” is the namesake of the uncle’s wife and from an earlier conversation, he told me that he once had a stall in Kampung Baru Subang.

0DC8CBB380674938B7694CF9150ED2F6Chicken feet for the soul: This old cucumber soup comes free with the order.

This coffee shop opens for breakfast and lunch daily.

Besides Chicken Rice, the multi-tasking and talented uncle who chops up the chicken also does fried noodles, Teochew fishball soup noodles and other hawker favourites.

To get there, do a ‘Google Map’ search for Country Barn Pub and Restaurant because Ah Yoke is in its back row.

And for the GPS owners, the Lat-Long coordinates are: N 03 02 840, E 101 34 820.

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