Alicafe Tigarasa,
No. 8, Jalan USJ 10/1H,
Subang Business Centre, Selangor.
Tel: 03-8011 9412
Business hours: 8.00am to midnight

FOR authentic Malay cuisine a mid comfortable setting, head to Alicafe Tigarasa in USJ, Subang Jaya.

Alicafé Tigarasa was established to complement the business activities of Power Root Berhad, famous for the manufacturing and marketing of Power Root Tongkat Ali and Kacip Fatimah herbal nutritional drinks.

The cafe, established last December, is a subsidiary of Power Root Berhad.

Alicafé Tigarasa serves authentic Malay cuisine, based on the uniqueness of the three different sauces — Sambal Lemak, Gulai Lemak and Sambal Prawns (Hebi Hiam).

Customers can choose from the three different sauces to mix and match with grilled items such as lamb chops, fish or vegetables.

Gulai lemak is a Malaysian favourite with creamy coconut sauce as its main flavour. The paste is made by blending kunyit hidup, sambal and lemongrass.

Gulai Lemak is one of the popular sauces in Malaysian cuisine which uses a lot of fresh coconut milk.

“To give it a sense of uniqueness, coconut milk and turmeric are the most important ingredients and they are blended with a mix of lemongrass and other spices,” said Alicafe Tigarasa operations manager Efdi Barinas.

Sambal lemak is another classic Malaysian favourite.

DED754BC0CB54DCBAD912FFFE909C1BCTempting: Tom Yam Fish is one of the offerings in the Ramadan Dining Set.


This robust and aromatic spiced sauce is made with chillies, garlic, coconut milk and blended with other flavourful spices.

“Sambal Lemak Sauce is the classic complement to Malaysian cuisine. It is a mixture of coconut milk with chilli and blended with selected spices to increase flavour and aroma in Alicafé Tigarasa Lemak sauce,” he said.

Sambal Hebi-Hiam is prepared with dried shrimps, curry leaves, onions and garlic. The sauce has a strong aromatic smell.

“Sambal Hebi Hiam is inherited from the Malaysian community residing in the coastal areas and the descendants of Chinese cuisine from the Malaysian Baba Nyonya society. The taste of dried shrimp paste mixed with finely selected spices enhances the aroma and taste of any dish,” he said.

“Besides the three main sauces, we also serve different kinds of local fare including Tom Yam Fish, Fish Head Curry and side dishes such as Fried Chicken as well as desserts and our own Power Root Coffee,” he added.

This Ramadan, Alicafé Tigarasa is having a promotional Dining Set from RM10.90 for one person which includes drinks, cakes and dates. There is also a Family Dining Set priced at RM69.90 for four people.

For details, call 03-8011 9142 or 016-713 0198 or visit or email alicafé

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