Meal prep does not need to be boring. It is about deciding how you would like to experiment with your food. It can be the same old chicken breasts, OR you can use some imagination and turn the meal into a mouth-watering yet healthy and low carb dish.

Below are six meal prep recipes featuring the use of unique ingredients while keeping the calories in check.

Purple Cabbage, Air Fried Tofu, Mash Taro and Egg Sandwich

If you have an air fryer at home, try making this colorful and tasty sandwich from fresh purple cabbage, crispy air fried tofu, creamy mashed taro, and egg mayo. Be sure to squeeze out excess water from the firm tofu with a kitchen towel before air frying to get the extra crisp.

Purple Cabbage Air Fried Tofu Yam Egg Sandwich

Healthy Bibimbap

This homemade bibimbap uses brown rice, topped with lean protein, kimchi, hardboiled egg and some veggies that are much healthier and delicious.

Healthy Bibimbap

Japanese Curry Meat Balls with Quinoa

The sweet and savory flavors of Japanese curry marries perfectly with the juicy meatballs and versatile quinoa.

Japanese Curry Meat Ball with Quinoa

Cabbage & Chicken Breast Roll, Konjac Noodles with Sesame Salsa Sauce

The chicken breast rolls creatively use cabbage leaves as the wrap. Instead of normal noodles, try out Konjac noodles which are very filling yet low in calories!

Cabbage & Chicken Breast Roll, Konjac Noodle with Sesame Salsa Sauce

Mushroom Omelette, Spinach with Salmon

This super-straightforward recipe of steamed salmon, spinach and mushroom omelet can be prepared in less than 10 minutes.

Mushroom Omelette, Spanish with Salmon

Shrimp Omelette with Mushroom Tofu Balls

This is a balanced diet meal with meat and vegetables. Add in some carbohydrates for a more fulfilling combination.

Shrimp Omelette with Mushroom Tofu Ball

Special thanks to our colleague Chee Hoi Oh for these amazing recipes!

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