It’s the time of giving and starting the year off on the right foot. While gifting Ang Pows and oranges are part of the tradition, this year, give a little more love to thank your loved ones by baking your own treats. Just like the year of the Tiger this year, take on the challenge and bake with love!

Anchor has shared with us a lineup of amazing treats to start your Lunar New Year. With a mix of the traditional, and some with a twist but all in all yummy treats.

Time to take out your mittens and preheat your oven!

1. Mandarin Orange Hazelnut Tartlets


Little bites of heaven taste like these! Sweet, zesty and bitesize, these Mandarin Orange Hazelnut Tartlets are best to be shared. The secret is the butter for the tart shells! Anchor Butter is best for this recipe to get that crumbly texture. You can get creative with the fruits of your choice.

2. Caramel Cereal Bites


WARNING: There is no such thing as “I’ll just have 1” with these treats. The Caramel Cereal Bites will leave crumbs of evidence all over you as you finish your own tub. Make sure to make double the portion to share, as they’ll disappear as soon as they’re ready! 

3. Green Pea Choco Cookies


Symbolizing wealth and prosperity, the classic Green Pea cookies are decadent and melt deliciously in your mouth. Anchor has added a twist, adding chocolate to the base. Almost failproof, especially if you’re not an avid baker, these are perfect to start with!

4. Cereal Floss Cookies


Ever been to a relative’s house for Chinese New Year and they have tubs of these around? By the end of the day, it’s empty! The Cereal Floss Cookies are just that – addictive. The balance of sweet, crunchy and slightly salty is what makes it so irresistible. This year, have a tub of these at your house for Chinese New Year and see them disappear like magic.

5. Matcha Pineapple Tart & Sesame Pineapple Tart


Pineapple Tarts are directly translated as “Ong Lai” in Hokkien, which means Fortune To Come. The celebration wouldn’t be complete without some Pineapple Tarts on the table. Crumbly exterior with tangy pineapple jam, it’s the perfect combination of flavours to ring in the Lunar New Year!

Anchor has shared with us two ways to add a little extra to the traditional Pineapple Tart, you can make the Matcha Pineapple Tart or Sesame Pineapple Tart. Change up the crust to add that extra depth of flavour. Matcha is rich in flavour, creamy and sweet with a touch of bitterness. While the nuttiness of sesame pairs wonderfully with the zestiness of the tart.

 6. Earl Grey Toffee Cookies


Looking like medallions or gold coins, these Earl Grey Toffee Cookies are buttery and chewy. A symphony of flavours dancing in your mouth when you taste the hint of tea, with the sweetness and saltiness of the toffee. Share these with your loved ones before they all end up in your tummy!

A Buttery Chinese New Year

Now that you got the recipe, there are no excuses but to join our Chinese New Year contest! Stand a chance to win a Stand Mixer, all you need to do is serve up your most fantastic Chinese New Year cookies using Anchor Butter.

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