The Lunar New Year for 2021 falls on 12 and 13 February and many families would have started planning the annual Reunion Dinner as well as starting to make cookies and treats, frequently laid out in the living room to be enjoyed during the festive season.

There could be smaller gatherings this year as movement control orders globally are enforced yet the warmth of these events would still be filled with much happiness, love and of course, food to enjoy! 

As the Chinese believe in ‘upward progress’, we kick things off with some ‘Nian Gao’ (Mandarin) or ‘Nin Koh’ (Cantonese) recipes. Made from glutinous rice flour, sticky and deliciously chewy, these two recipes should have you drooling. 

Kum Jiong Nin Koh (Deep-fried Glutinous Rice Cake Parcels with Mandarin Orange Coulis)
Kum Jiong Nin Koh (Deep-fried Glutinous Rice Cake Parcels with Mandarin Orange Coulis)

This Deep Fried Glutinous Rice Cake Parcel with Mandarin Orange Coulis showcases awesome presentation and excellent pairing with the quintessentially mandarin oranges found during this season. 

Sprinkled with dried nuts and fruits, this ‘Zhu Poh Nin Koh’ truly resemble its name, ‘Precious Gems Glutinous Rice Cake’. 

Reunion Dinner is done differently for every family, and here are some recommendations to complement the usual ‘Poon Choy’ that are being sold by restaurants and seafood suppliers these days.  

Bountiful Treasure Pot

Waxed duck and chinese sausage are commonly found during this season and you can prepare a Bountiful Treasure Pot with these ingredients. A flavourful dish, also suitable for children is the Braised Sea Cucumber and Chicken with Oyster Sauce. Watch this video to see how it is easily prepared. 

‘Hai Choe’ (Deep Fried Crabmeat Dumplings)

On dumpling dishes, this ‘Hai Choe’  or Deep Fried Crabmeat Dumplings should be a hit as a side dish on the table, as is this ‘pocket dish’, Kwangsi Stuffed Fried Beancurd

With all those delicious dishes, you must be wondering where are the cookie recipes? You’ve got it. As CNY falls just two days before Valentine’s Day, we would like to share with you some chocolatey goodness, which we hope your other ‘better half’ would love too. 


Butter cookies are always a welcome, and this combines the best of both worlds – Chocolate Butter cookies. Out to impress? Then you must try this White Chocolate and Strawberry Souffle.

Quite popular of late, cookies are going ‘flour-less’. Here is a tried and true Chocolate and Peanut Butter Flourless Cookie recipe. 


Superbly easy to make, this Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Golden Ball will melt in your mouth, while giving you a good crunch on those hazelnut nibs. 

Still want more after looking at these? Kuali has curated a nice ‘Chinese New Year’ folder with recipes suitable for this season. And don’t forget the ‘Cakes’, ‘Cookies’ and ‘Chocolate Indulgence’ folder for your cravings.

Kuali’s recipes are best viewed through the app and you can even Save these Recipes to view later when you login. Download the Kuali App and get these recipes in your smartphone! 

We love sharing recipes by our Trusted Brands as well. And here are more Angel Sauces recipes to wow your family during this festive season. 

Angel Cantonese Gold Coins

We think these Cantonese Gold Coins signify prosperity and tastes amazing as well. With all the Seafood lovers around, this Hoisin Big Prawn or the Cantonese Golden Sand Prawns, tossed with salted egg and curry leaves will be a hit. 

Most of you would have known that Kuali has a segment called ‘Shop Kuali Recipes’ where we recommend weekly recipes, conveniently delivered to you by Tesco Malaysia.


We know you’re busy with CNY preparations, so check out this recommendation of easily prepared treats – CNY ‘snaccs’ you need

Till next time, email us at for any questions or if you would like to share with us your creations! You can submit it on and we’ll have them published!

Happy New Year! Happy Cooking and Baking!

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