They’re finally ready to be ordered!

After following Kuali for some time, we are sure you are all ‘Kuali-fied to cook’

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and have produced good ‘Kuali-ty Food’ for family and friends! 🙂

We took some time to carefully design these tees so do feel free to order some for yourself, family, friends and fans of your cooking! Or order them as gifts for awesome cooks you must credit for a full and happy belly 🙂 (Ps. You can customize your ‘Name’ within the Tees)

As Kuali is still a free platform, we hope to get your support through being our ambassadors and wearing these awesome ‘MiSo-Hungry’ ‘mouth-watering’ tees.

Have some cool ideas of other T-shirts for Kuali to design? Drop us a line at or leave a message on our Facebook (StarKuali)!

Buy some today, ‘Keep Calm and Cook’ and Thanks for your support!

Note: Please note that by clicking on the T-Shirt designs, you would be brought to ‘TheStarMall’s Domain, where you would be able to customize and order your designs. Happy Shopping!

And a big Thank You for helping to keep Kuali going!

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