WHAT is Deepavali without the obligatory laddu, ghee balls and barfi to share with friends and family?

This Festival of Lights, some of the season’s best sweet treats can be found at Venusitas, an unassuming outlet that sits in the heart of Brickfields – known as Kuala Lumpur’s Little India.

It opened as a bakery in 2008 but the business didn’t quite take off, so its owner S. Krishna Kumar decided to sell vegetarian Indian sweets instead.

The bustling shop is filled to the brim with an array of over 30 desserts, including the popular laddu (it sells over 5,000 pieces each week), ghee balls, jelebi, barfi and mysore pak. These items are made using traditional recipes from India, tweaked a little to suit Malaysian tastebuds. Krishna – who also owns the Seetharam Restaurant in Pudu, KL – says that the most obvious recipe adjustments involve reducing the sugar content, as Indian desserts are known to be “very, very sweet”.

Here, the outlet shares recipes for eight of its most popular Deepavali sweets.


Coconut Candy


Tirupati Laddu

Tirupati Laddu

Yellow Halwa

Yellow Halwa

Ghee Mysore Pak




Ghee Palgova

Ghee palgova

Kumar’s Mother’s Ghee Balls


Recipes are courtesy of Venusitas and was first published in Flavours magazine.

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