IF you’re a person who frequently entertains guests and have run out of ideas on what to serve, try whipping up a quick and easy parfait that is not just delicious as a snack, but scores top marks on presentation when served to your guests.

Parfaits are suitable for any time of the day. They make a healthy light snack, breakfast or dessert when paired with fruits, granola, and nuts, or it can be transformed into something more indulgent with a little involvement of chocolate drizzles and puddings.

The dessert is typically prepared by layering a variety of creamy, crunchy, solid textures in a transparent tall glass to emphasise the stripes of colours that are produced from the layering. Layering the ingredients might take a little time to master at first, but whatever the outcome, the overall result is usually appealing on the eye. Remember, practice makes parfait!

The best part about this preparation is that you can literally layer anything you love into a parfait! However, to start off we’ve found some easy parfait recipes that you can whip up for guests or for yourself as a deliciously healthy or indulgent bite.

Tips for a perfect parfait

1. One trick you could use to ensure your layers are distinctive and not an unappealing mush, is to pop your parfait into the freezer for a couple of minutes between layers.

2. If your parfait ends up looking like one layer from the side of the glass, fret not – instead, focus on garnishing the top of your parfait with fruits, biscuit crumbs, granola, or your favourite ingredient.

3. If you’re using a tall narrow glass, pipe your layers into the glass instead of scooping them in, to avoid messing up the sides of your glass.

Easy yoghurt and granola parfaits

To start off on your parfait adventure, perhaps you could first try this three-ingredient preparation. You can use ingredients bought from the store, or make it 100% homemade if you have the time.

Greek yogurt fruit parfait

This recipe uses nuts and nectarines to fold into its parfait. Greek yoghurt is thicker and creamier than regular yoghurt, so you might want to use a little less yoghurt when preparing this parfait.

Spiced apple and quinoa parfait

If you’re a fan of apples and cinnamon, you’ll love this recipe that entails caramelising apples for an aromatic treat. Quinoa is an expensive ingredient, so if you’re tight on a budget, consider replacing it with granola or digestive biscuit crumbs.

Double chocolate pudding parfait

For a more indulgent preparation that is sure to win everyone over (who doesn’t like chocolate?) whip up this rich chocolate parfait dessert worthy of a dinner party.

Yoghurt and granola parfait

Berry fans will love this recipe, incorporating berries, berry compote, and more berries, with a slice of toasted multigrain wrap served on the side for an extra crunch.

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