Kuali Bakers Community

What is the Kuali Bakers Community?

Kuali Bakers is a community driven to empower small, micro and home bakers in Malaysia. Where Kuali will provide tips, classes and advice to budding entrepreneurs. Kuali Bakers was first established in 2020 with the partnership of Anchor Food Professionals.

Do I have to pay to join Kuali Bakers Community?

No you don’t have to, it’s free to join! You can apply by filling up the form here

I’m already a Kuali Bakers Member. How do I apply for Start Up and The Batter Place?

You can register for the Start Up here, and fill up this form to be eligible for The Batter Place.

How much time do I have to commit as a Kuali Bakers Member?

It all depends on you! You can join as many contests, webinars and online classes as you like according to your time.

The Batter Place FAQ

What is The Batter Place?

The Batter Place is an online local directory to promote awesome bakers like you to customers in your neighbourhood through a geofencing algorithm on our Kuali App. The Batter Place is also available on Kuali.com

Why should I participate?

The Batter Place (TBP) is viewable for free on web and within the Kuali app. Customers can order directly from you by clicking 'Order now', where they will be directed to your whatsapp or facebook messenger.

How do I participate?

Simply fill up the form with your details and share with us a receipt as proof of purchase of an Anchor products from any store. Products include: Anchor Salted/Unsalted Butter, Whipping Cream, Cooking Cream, Extra Yield Cooking Cream, Aerosol Cream, Cream Cheese Extra Stretch Mozzarella Cheese, Cheddar Sliced cheese etc.

Can I join The Batter Place if I’m not a Kuali Bakers Member?

No you cannot, but it’s easy to join the Kuali Bakers. Just register with this link, and you’ll be eligible for the Batter Place straight away!

What's the difference between web and app?

Web shows all the listings through a searchable filter. The app version features a geofencing algorithm that intuitively show your listing to customers within 10-20km of your shared location.

I have more than 1 delivery location. Should I create two listings?

Yes, you can create two listings or more if so as the app will share your listing to the neighbourhood where the 'baker' is based. E.g. create two listings 'Lovely Cakes - Sri Petaling' and 'Lovely Cakes - Damansara'. If you face any difficulties, you can email us at kuali@thestar.com.my  to assist you in registering your business.

I have so much on my menu, what should I show?

The listing allows up to 10 images (square or 1:1) so share with us your top 10 best selling items as customers would love to see these too.

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Email us at kuali@thestar.com.my.