Birthday Noodles

  1. Some chopped spring onions and coriander leaves, 2 red chillies, halved, seeded and sliced
  2. Bring water to a boil in a stock pot, add the belly pork and chicken carcasses. Boil for 4-5 minutes then remove the belly pork and leave aside to cool. Slice the meat into thin strips. Blanch the prawns in the stock until they change colour. Dish out and slice into halve lengthwise. Continue to simmer the stock for half an hour. Add seasoning to the stock. Thicken the stock with the cornflour mixture. Keep the stock hot over a low heat.
  3. Season the beaten egg with salt and pepper and separate into two portions. Leave one portion plain and add a little pink colouring to the other. Make very thin omelettes then roll up the omelettes and slice thinly. Put aside for use as garnishing later. Blanch beansprouts, chives and noodles separately.
  4. To serve: Spread a thin layer of beansprouts on the base of a big serving dish. Add a little of the chives. Add a portion of noodles over. Spread some shredded pork belly and some prawns over.
  5. Pour the hot stock over the noodles and garnish with crab meat, sliced omelette in two colours and the rest of the garnishing. Serve immediately with a tablespoon of sambal belacan.
For the sambal belacan:
  1. Pound both chillies and dried shrimp paste to the desired consistency. Add kasturi lime juice and salt to taste.

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