• Prep Time 30 minutes
  • Cook Time 30 minutes
  • Serving For 7 - 8 people
  • Difficulty Normal

Recipe Description

Welcome, Kuali Bakers! This time, we are showcasing all the most ‘terer’ Malaysian-themed burnt cheesecake submissions here! To enter our giveaway, all you need to do is serve up your most ‘terer’ Malaysian-themed burnt cheesecake using Anchor Cream Cheese, which is the key ingredient to a yummylicious silky burnt cheesecake. Read our full instructions here to win! This recipe is courtesy of Le Maison de Bakery for the “Burnt Cheesecake, Let’s Make It Malaysian-lah!” Contest.

One of the popular Malaysian cuisine rice dish is Nasi Kerabu. especially in the east cost states of Peninsular Malaysia such as Terengganu and Kelantan. Nowadays, Nasi Kerabu can be found throughout Malaysia. Nasi Kerabu is known as nasi ulam, which blue-coloured rice is usually eaten with fried chicken or fish, pickles, salads, solok lada, kerisik and some crackers. The blue colour of rice comes from the butterfly pea flowers, scientifically know as Clitoria ternatea, which are used as a natural food colouring. Kerabu Burnt Cheesecake mimic this authentic dish by using butterfly pea extract. Bringing the cheesecake to a next level, pandan extract is used to enhance the aroma of the cake. Burnt cheesecake is baked to perfection, then it is decorated with aromatic kerisik. Bringing it closer to our authentic dish, decorated “fried chicken” and “salad” with whipped Anchor dairy cream. Hope you enjoy this recipe brought to you by La Maison de Bakery.” – Le Maison de Bakery

This recipe is best with
Anchor Cream Cheese

Recipe Ingredient

  • 378g Cream cheese
  • 76g Fine sugar
  • 2 nos Whole egg
  • 1 nos Egg yolk
  • 150g Milk
  • 10g Cake flour
  • 5g Pandan juice
  • 2g Pandan extract
  • 3g Coconut
  • 8g Blue pea juice
  • 190g Grated coconut
  • 45g Gula melaka
  • 10g Water
  • 2 pieces Pandan leaves


  1. Line 2 sheets of parchment paper into the 7-inch cake tin.
  2. Preheat oven to 230°C.
  3. Mix the cream cheese and sugar until smooth at medium speed.
  4. Add in one egg at one time. Mix it thoroughly before adding in the following egg.
  5. Next, add in milk and mix at slow speed.
  6. Sieve the cake flour and add into the mixture gradually.
  7. Once batter is well incorporated, divide the mixture into 3 equal portions to create the original, green and blue layers.
  8. For green layer, add the coconut powder, pandan juice and pandan extract into the portioned batter.
  9. For blue layer, add the blue pea juice into the portioned batter and mix well.
  10. Pour the batter layer by layer and bake at 230°c for 25-30 minutes. (oven temperature is vary to the oven size and type)
  11. For decoration. Prepare the kerisik by: Boil the water, gula melaka and pandan leaves together. Lower the heat and simmer until gula melaka melts completely. Next, add in the grated coconut and stir until the coconut is coated with gula melaka. Kerisik is ready when grated coconut is stir under heat till dry.
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