Japanese Jelly with Coconut Cream

Japanese Jelly with Coconut Cream

THE edible flowers will pair nicely with the fragrance and flavours of the pandan in this jelly recipe. This dessert will also make for a pretty and yummy dish at any party table.

This recipe was first published in Flavours magazine.


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Print Recipe
Jelly mixture
Coconut topping
To make jelly:
  1. Stir together the pandan water and agar-agar powder, and bring to boil. Add sugar and stir to dissolve. Pour mixture into a bottle or jar and add the flowers. Leave to cool and set.
To make coconut topping:
  1. In a pot, boil the coconut milk, rice flour, agar-agar powder and salt. Leave to cool, then pour it over the set jelly mixture. Leave to set, then top with jasmine. Cover and chill overnight.
  2. Remove the jasmine flowers before serving.

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