Pumpkin Soup

The pumpkin originates from Central Amerika. They are not vegetables but fruits belonging to the family of the cucurbits. The name pumpkin is derived from the Greek word pepon, which means large melon. The pumpkin is an autumn fruit and is mainly available in October and November. The pumpkin is known for its large size. The largest pumpkin ever grown weighed more than 500 kg! However, the small sized pumpkins have the best taste and colour. Not only the pumpkin flesh but also the pumpkin flowers and seeds are eatable.

  1. Melt the margarine in a cooking pot. Bake the onion until translucent. Add the pumpkin, potatoes and water. Bring to boiling point and simmer for about 10 minutes. Blend the pumpkin soup until a smooth mixtures is obtained.
  2. Add the soymilk and bring the pumpkin soup to boiling point. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Garnish with the spring onion and serve the pumpkin soup hot.

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