• Prep Time 20 minutes
  • Cook Time 20 minutes
  • Serving For 4 People
  • Difficulty Easy

Recipe Description

Oriental-style salads are refreshing as starters or sides. This recipe was first published in Amy Beh’s column, Cook’s Nook. 


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Recipe Ingredient

  • Salad
  • 50 g cabbage (finely shredded)
  • 100 g green pea sprouts
  • 6 slices smoked salmon
  • coarsely ground black pepper to taste
  • 3 shallots (thinly sliced)
  • Dressing
  • 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • salt to taste
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • white pepper powder to taste


  1. Combine shallots, cabbage and green pea sprouts in a large bowl.
  2. In a small bowl, combine the vinegar, lemon juice and salt. Stir to dissolve the salt and add the honey, olive oil and pepper. Mix well.
  3. Drizzle the dressing over the mixed vegetables in the bowl and toss to mix well.
  4. Transfer the salad to a serving plate – or two. Add the smoked salmon and grind some black pepper over. Serve immediately.

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