Salt Cooked Tiger Prawns, Curry Leaves Chutney & Pickled Ginger Flower

Masterfully arranged, this fancy looking dish might just look too good to eat! Serve this dish as a main and wow your guests with both its beautiful plating and wonderful flavours.


This recipe was first published in Flavours.

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Curry leaves chutney
Pickled torch ginger flower
Lime essence
For serving
Servings: servings
To make chutney:
  1. Blanch curry leaves, then immediately dip in ice water. Repeat with the Habanero, in a fresh pot of water. Dry leaves and chilli on paper towels. Place all ingredients except tamarind in a blender and blend to a paste. Pass through a fine sieve. Combine tamarind paste with equal amounts water. Strain liquid and add to earlier paste. Adjust to taste.
To prepare pickled torch ginger flower:
  1. Remove the white middle of the torch ginger flower, then vacuum pack the petals in some pickling liquid and marinate for a day.
To cook prawns:
  1. Sift the rock salt to separate the larger from the finer. Use the larger for this recipe. Heat a wok and over medium heat, add salt followed by the prawns, stirring continuously until prawns are cooked.
To make lime essence:
  1. Blend lime leaves and ice at high speed for 2 minutes. Strain the liquid through a fine cloth and set aside.
To plate:
  1. Spoon a dollop of chutney onto a side plate and top with coconut cubes, fish and ginger flower. In a deep serving dish, place stones and lime leaves. Tuck dry ice under stones, top with prawns and pour in lime essence to create a scented mist. Wait for prawns to be infused with mist before placing on assembled plate.

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