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3 Malaysian-inspired burgers you can make at home

When done right, burgers can make for an extremely satisfying meal. There are many ways to serve a burger – from the classic, no-nonsense burger to sprucing them up with caviar and gold leaf.

While there are a variety of western-styled burgers out there, have you ever had a burger that’s been infused with Malaysian flavours?

The Daily Grind in Bangsar shares three burger recipes with local flavours.


1. Abundance Salmon Burger

Even if it’s not Chinese New Year, you can enjoy this yummy salmon burger infused with the flavours of yee sang. This recipe combines a yee sang salad with a salmon fillet to bring together Asian and Western flavours.

abundance salmon burger


2. Tandoori Burger

There’s a myriad of ways to enjoy tandoori chicken, but have you ever had a tandoori burger? Instead of a regular burger patty, replace that with pieces of tandoori chicken to make a satisfying meal.

tandoori burger



3. Pandan Ice Cream Doughnut Burger

Here’s your chance to make your very own dessert burger infused with local flavours.

pandan ice cream doughnut burger

This article was first published in Flavours magazine.

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