7 must-try Chee Cheong Fun recipes

7 must-try Chee Cheong Fun recipes

With its smooth and silky texture, steamed rice rolls is comfort food to many Malaysians. it requires a sauce or filling to counter its bland taste and this has given rise to a number of chee cheong fun-based dishes, and therein lies infinite possibilities with this versatile, basic food enjoyed throughout the day.

Chinese chefs often prepare two types of rice rolls for use in the kitchen: the firmer, plain rice rolls, or the softer, more translucent rice sheets for making Hong Kong-style filled chee cheong fun; Catherine Lau shares an all-purpose master recipe for making any type of rice rolls. The rice rolls remain soft and silky even after they have cooled, but they are best served on the same day that they are made.


Steamed Rice Rolls (Chee Cheong Fun)

Before trying out the many different chee cheong fun recipes, you’ll first need to master the basics by preparing this plain steamed rice rolls.


Chicken Floss and Seaweed Rice Rolls 

This chee cheong fun recipe with chicken floss and seaweed sprinkles adds layers of flavours and textures to the snack.

Meat floss rice rolls


Hong Kong-style Prawn Rice Rolls

Prepare steamed rice rolls the Hong Kong way, with succulent prawns wrapped into the chee cheong fun.

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun


Penang-style Rice Rolls with Prawn Paste Sauce

Enjoy chee cheong fun the way northerners do with this Penang-style rice rolls recipe, complete with chilli paste.

penang chee cheong fun1


Steamed Rice Rolls with Chinese Crullers

Chee cheong fun goes well wrapped around a Chinese cruller or also known as you tiau or cakoi, sprinkled with sesame seeds, home-made fragrant soy sauce, and a dash of chilli for a kick.

Steamed Rice Rolls stuffed crullers


Other serving suggestions

Serve the cut rice rolls with vegetable curry or curry sauce, garnished with a dollop of chilli paste.

Curry Chee Cheong Fun


Spread cooked rice sheet with pesto sauce and sprinkle with chopped smoked mussels, oysters or salmon. Roll up, cut into slices and serve.

Pesto chopped muscles

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