1 tb sour milk or buttermilk
2 cups whipping cream


Mix 1 tb sour milk or buttermilk into 2 cups whipping cream and let sit at room temperature (in a warm spot) for 1 – 2 days, until
it gets thick. Now the sour cream has to be heated to 35 C (90 F)for about 30 minutes for the whey to separate from the curds. The best way to accomplish this is to heat the stove to 50 C (115 F),then turn it off and put in the bowl with cream. Make sure it does not get too hot or else it will be dry and crumbly.

After about 30 – 45 minutes line a sieve with a cheesecloth (which has been rinsed with cold water and wrought out). Place the sieve on top of a bowl and carefully ladle the cream into it. The whey drips into the bowl. Now you knot the ends of the cheesecloth together and hang it over the bowl for about 2 hours. Whats left in the cloth now is cream cheese. Don’t pour away the whey, it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and some protein. It can be used instead of water for bread baking, for waffles or pancakes.

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