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Bake colourful treats for New Year

Eyes brighten, hearts leap, and lips curl upwards at the sight of a rainbow cake and colourful treats. Bake your own gifts of joy and share the love to usher in the new year.


1. Rainbow Vertical

This recipe adds a fun twist to regular layer cakes. Just flip the cake on its side and you’ll have something different to decorate.


2. Rainbow Rolls

Impress your guests with these colourful rolls. Each roll features different fillings, so guests can enjoy a variety of choices.


3. Rainbow Cupcake

Rainbow cupcakes are pretty additions to any party table, and they’re actually not that difficult to make. Get started on your own batch of rainbow cupcakes with this delicious recipe.


4. Earthen

This delicious cake is a perfect addition to any Christmas party table. Fans of the green tea and coffee combo will love this recipe.


5. Red Love

Slice into this cake and you’ll find beautiful layers of strawberry cake. Add this cake to your party table for a lovely touch of red this coming Christmas.

This article and recipes were first published in Flavours magazine.


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3 Responses to “Bake colourful treats for New Year”

  1. Wendy Ng Yee Moy

    I love you blog and appreciate if you could share with me your recipes. Thank you in advance for the recipes.

  2. Anna

    cant wait for the new year, i am trying this wish me good luck.
    Thanks for your yummy and colorful recipe.


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