Coconut Candy


3 cups grated white coconut
500g castor sugar
170g evaporated milk
40g butter
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp rum liqueur
A few drops yellow colouring


Lightly grease a 17x16cm tray with corn oil.

Combine grated coconut, sugar, salt and evaporated milk in a non-stick pan. Cook over a gentle low heat, stirring continuously until sugar dissolves.

Add butter, vanilla essence and colouring. Keep stirring until mixture gradually starts to thicken. Add in liqueur and continue to stir until evenly mixed.

Transfer the mixture into prepared tray. Level the surface using a piece of plastic sheet. Press down with the help of a rolling pin.

Leave the candy aside to set. Cut the candy into small squares when it is slightly cool.

Remove the coconut candy from the tray after it has completely cooled.

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