Dress up your food this Halloween

IT’S that spooky time of the year again where we get to dress up, scare ourselves silly and watch The Exorcist again.

Halloween may not be a big deal here in Malaysia, but that does not mean we can’t have a little bit of fun celebrating the occasion. So, while you may have sorted out your costume for the day, don’t forget to dress up your food for the season as well.

If you are throwing a party, we have picked some simple recipes to transform your regular appetizers and snacks into something a little more eerie.


1. Pumpkin Cheese Ball recipe

This one is pretty simple. It involves blending the ingredients, shaping it into a ball with a little garnish, and serving them with crackers.


2. Carrot Rice Ball Mini-Jack O’ Lanterns

These orange rice balls get their colour from all-natural carrot juice.


3. Spooky Ghost Cakes

Why serve regular cupcakes when you can serve this cute ghostly version with the help of a little store-bought fondant?


4. Finger Food Sandwiches

Serve this finger food to your guests and watch out for their entertaining reactions!


5. Spider Devilled Eggs

As if devilled eggs were not evil enough, adding a few strips of olives to form miniature spider toppings will turn this regular appetizer from scrumptious to spooky.


6. Snake Sandwich

If you’re looking for something even more filling, dress up your regular sandwich into something more sinister with a couple of olives and a red pepper.


7. Halloween Spaghetti

Or get creative with some food colouring, and make the creepiest spaghetti dish out there.


8. Dracula’s Dentures

Top your frightful evening with a serving of this spooky smile, which might just be the last thing you see…before you hit the sack. Halved cookies, marshmallows, food colouring and vanilla frosting – how much easier can it get?

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