Deepavali sweets

Last-minute Deepavali treats to make over the week

HAVE you started making sweets for Deepavali? If you think it’s too late to get around to making your own array of sweets, then you’re in for a treat.

It is common knowledge that Indian traditional foods and sweets are not a piece of cake (pun intended) to make.

However, knowing that many local Indian women are juggling a daily schedule of work and family, we’ve taken things into our own hands here, to find you some of the simplest, easiest recipes for Indian sweets to make at home.

Complete this festive season with bragging rights by serving your guests with these easily-made Deepavali treats!


Milk Peda  

Whip up these Milk Pedas in no time using only four main ingredients. You can choose to flatten them in a tray and cut them into squares, or shape it with a cookie cutter.


Rava Ladoo

Another great recipe for last-minute preparation is this Rava Ladoo. You’ll need to get your hands on semolina (or suji) and grated coconut, both of which can be found in Indian grocery stores.


Wholemeal Biscuits

What’s Deepavali without a few cookies?



All it takes is 10 minutes and 3 ingredients to make this dessert. You can even whip it up once your guests arrive, to be able to serve it fresh out of the pan (or microwave).


Corn Flour Halwa

This is a popular sweet sold in many Indian restaurants. Make it at home with this recipe in under 20 minutes.


Coconut Candy

The longest part of preparing these coconut candies is setting it in the fridge for an hour. It takes only about 5-10 minutes to prepare, looks great and tastes delicious!


Kaju Katli

Another Indian milk sweet, this time with cashew nuts infused in it. For this recipe, it is important to get the texture of cashew nuts right, not too rough and not too fine that it turns into butter.


Sweet diamond cuts

This makes a great snack to munch on while socialising with guests. With a few commonly-found ingredients and a batch of deep-frying, you’ll have your own home-made Deepavali snack ready to eat in no time.

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