Local Kerabu Sayuran Ala Utara


1 kg clams (kerang) boiled

Ingredient A

1/2 fried coconut (kerisik)
1/2 white coconut
1/2 cup ground fried rice*

Ingredient B (beans)

200g bean sprout
200g pucuk paku
200g four-angle bean
100g long beans

Ingredient C

1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
5cm young ginger (cut small)
2 bombay onion (slice)
2 tbsp sambal belacan


Mix ingredient A in a bowl.

Cut ingredient B (beans) small and blanch them quick by pouring boiling water over the beans and drain the water.

Then mix ingredient B with ingredient A together.

Finally, add all of ingredient C and mix well.

Garnish and serve.

* Fry one cup of rice in a wok without oil until the rice turns slightly yellow. Then blend it.

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