Oven-Dried Candied Kumquat, Mandarin Orange, Star Fruit and Sweet Potato


10 kumquats
10 mini mandarin oranges (with skin)
625g caster sugar
500ml water
2 small Sweet Potato
1 star fruit


Freeze the kumquats and mandarins. Bring water and sugar to boil for light syrup.
Slice mandarins, kumquats, sweet potatoes and star fruit with a mandolin (2mm thick)
Soak the slices for 2 minutes in syrup, drain on a rack to remove the excess syrup and place on a silicone mat.

Dry 2 to 3 hours in an oven at 80 to 90ºC (to dry without browning). If using lotus root or ginger, blanch before slicing.

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