Portugal Egg Tart

Portugese Egg Tart

Portugese Egg Tart, or Pastel de nata, is a dessert originated from Portugal but also very popular in countries like Macau and Brazil. It has a crispy crust with creamy custard filling.



Tart dough
1 kg cake flour
15g salt
560g water
800g butter

500g milk
500g whipping cream
250g sugar
15g cake flour
20 egg yolks


To make dough, mix the flour, salt and water; then whip for 7-8 minutes. Keep in fridge for 1 hour.

Remove dough from fridge and make into a puff pastry dough layer with butter; keep in fridge for three hours.

Press the pastry dough to a thickness of 0.5-0.6cm, then roll it up as to a stick shape and place it back into the fridge.

Cut the stick shape pastry into 1.3cm thick and place it in a egg tart mould.

Heat up the milk, cream and sugar in a pot, add flour, butter and cook for two minutes. Allow to cool.

Pour the egg yolk in the custard, mix it and put it into the tart mould. Bake in a 260 degree oven for around 20 minutes.

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