Singapore Style Fried Bee Hoon


Garlic (chopped)
chicken meat 200g (sliced)
prawn 200g (unshelled)
Choy Sum (1 bundle)
carrots (1) sliced
beansprouts (optional)
Vermicelli (1 packet)
Water (300ml)
Maggi Chicken Stock cube (1)
salt to taste
black pepper (pounded)
white pepper

Red Chillies
Spring Onion


Fry the garlics till lightly brownish. Put in the chicken meat and followed by the prawns.

Put in the carrots and followed by black pepper.

Dash in salt, white pepper and 1 cube of the Maggi chicken stock.

Put in the water and let it boils.

Put in the vermicelli and choy sum. Stir well. Served immediately and garnish with some spring onion and red chillies

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