Tom Yam Soup


Prawns (shelled, but shells to keep for boiling the stock)
cod fish (chunks)
golden mushrooms
1 can of straw mushrooms


2 lemongrass (cut into lengths of approx 6cm, bruised)
lengkuas (approx 3 inches, cut into 5 “chunks”)
lime leaves (10 leaves, torn)
3 chilli padi, broken
3 coriander roots (keep the leaves for garnish)
2 tomatoes, quartered

3 limes, for juice
1-2 cubes of maggi stock (i use tom yam or chicken)
fish sauce (1/3 cup)


Boil the prawn shells in water for approx 15 min.

Add all (A) ingredients into the stock and boil. Add stock cube, salt and fish sauce to taste.

Simmer over low heat for 40 min.

Add mushrooms, prawns and fish to soup, 5 min before serving.

Add lime juice to taste.

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