Winter Melon Soup with Lotus Seeds & Bamboo Fungus


1-1.5 kg whole winter melon, top cut off, washed
3cm piece ginger, bruised 4 black mushrooms
5g canned straw mushrooms
100g chicken breast meat, diced
20g dried cuttlefish, washed and cut into 1cm strips
10g lotus seeds, soaked in warm water for 1 hour, drained
2g red dates, washed
50g bamboo fungus, soaked in warm water
6 jasmine flower petals washed
750ml superior chicken stock salt, to taste
Scoop the flesh out of the melon, leaving approximately 2.5cm (1”) of flesh all round the rind


Place all the ingredients into the melon shell.

Pour in the superior chicken stock. Season with salt to taste.

Cover the top of the melon with aluminium foil and steam the whole melon for two hours.

Serve immediately.

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