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SAN Francisco Coffee is giving a reason to be jolly this festive season, with a delectable Christmas menu.

Launched early this month, the yuletide fare consists of three scrumptious dishes (two pasta and a sandwich) and two tantalising drinks (coffee and non-coffee).

“We are thrilled to introduce this range of Christmas treats to usher in the holidays. This menu was specially created by our resident chef and coffee experts to give our customers a good reason to be jolly,” said San Francisco Coffee’s Head of Commercial Lim Siu Min.

“The food items, for example, were carefully created using ingredients of colours that are normally associated with Christmas – green and red – which is evident in the pastas:Linguine Pomodoro and Linguine Pesto. For most people, Christmas would be incomplete without turkey. Therefore, a colourful turkey sandwich, aptly named the Christmas Ciabatta is also offered.

1B17068D29F54863BC9B6FC85BFCC770TANTALISING: Cinnamon Hot and Iced Chocolate.

“We have introduced a coffee-based drink, Cinnamon Café Mocha, and non-coffee, Cinnamon Chocolate but bothare infused with cinnamon,” she said.

The special holiday menu is available to customers at all San Francisco Coffee outlets in Malaysia. Prices for the food items start at RM15.00 while drinks are from RM10.50 each.

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