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40 mins 6 People

Yuzu Firecracker Mochi Desserts, Tea Time

puffed rice krispies
40 mins 10 People

Hainanese Rice Crispies Desserts, Tea Time

15 mins 20 People

Almond Hazelnut Cookies Desserts, Tea Time

30 mins 10 People

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06_Bengbeng Sourdough
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Baked in KL January 11, 2022

So you are craving for something to end your meal...

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A Buttery Chinese New Year! January 10, 2022

Contest Period: 10 Jan – 31 Jan 2022 (Winners will...

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03_Cake Tella
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Dessert Galore in Selangor January 6, 2022

If you’re in Selangor and you’re craving some sweet desserts...

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jeff's boink boink cakes
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Penang’s Pleasing Delights January 6, 2022

Food and Penang are two words that cannot be separated....

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40 mins 6 People
45 mins 4 People
25 mins 1 People

Spaghetti alla Nasi Lemak Breakfast and Brunch, Dinner, Lunch

40 mins 6 People
25 mins 4 People

Cendol Pancake Breakfast and Brunch, Desserts, Tea Time

10 mins 4 People
27 mins 6 People
20 mins 4-5 People

Bijan-tastic Cookies Desserts, Tea Time