Bake & Make 5.0, a hybrid seminar aimed at sharing valuable insights with small businesses and home bakers, celebrated its fifth edition.

The event was organised by Kuali Bakers, a digital community created by Kuali, in collaboration with food partner Anchor Food Professionals, the food service arm of Fonterra Brands Malaysia.
It saw a gathering of a diverse group of individuals, each at different junctures in their culinary journey.

At the event, Fonterra’s food service director Peter Quah spoke about maintaining food quality and optimising costs.

He also highlighted the challenge of balancing creativity in food creation while managing the business backend for food operators.

Acknowledging the evolving demands of consumers, Quah said adapting to current trends was vital including content creation amplification.

This year’s theme, “Mastering financial profitability in e-commerce and digital engagement strategies,” summarised the dual challenges faced by those venturing into their own business and brand creation in a post-pandemic world.

The first panel, focusing on financial profitability in ecommerce, delved into cost management and culinary entreprenuership.

It was a lively discussion featuring Bisou Bake Shop founder Debbie Lee, designer confectionery Delectable by Su founder Huen Su Yin and Sugar And I founder Syed Ilyas, who shared their experiences and provided valuable insights for those navigating the intricate landscape of the food industry.

Adaptability, persistence and operational efficiency were highlighted as key attributes for success.

The second panel concentrated on digital engagement strategies, with speakers including digital content creator William Seng, Beng of BengBeng Sourdough and Safiyyah from Souka Bake Shop.

Their discussions offered a wealth of ideas and approaches for businesses to thrive in the digital realm.
Some central themes were consistent branding, trust-building and focusing on target audience.

The event ended with Anchor Food Professional advisory chef Firuz MN, taking to the stage with a light-hearted cooking demonstration with a special appearance by celebrity guest Ili Sulaiman.
The demonstration showcased Anchor dairy products, with special attention on the cream cheese and its new Extra Yield cooking cream.

Emphasising on the new product’s time-saving and cost-effective features, Firuz put together two simple yet enticing recipes that demonstrated the versatility of the cooking cream.
This also placed a spotlight on the product’s time-saving and cost-effective attributes, opening up possibilities for various culinary creations.

The demonstration not only celebrated food innovation but also underscored Anchor’s commitment to providing chefs and culinary enthusiasts with groundbreaking solutions for their kitchens.

Established in 2020, the Kuali Bakers community strives to empower and cultivate the growth of small businesses, enterprises and home bakers.
Beyond providing baking tips, the community also offers exclusive classes and events such as Bake & Make.

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