• Prep Time 5 minutes
  • Cook Time 2 minutes
  • Serving For 1 people
  • Difficulty Easy

Recipe Description

Milo a popular Chocolate Malt drink and a most recognized brand was introduced in Malaysia in the early 1950s. And since then it has won the hearts and taste buds of Malaysians whatsoever, that it is a must-have item in every Malaysian household. Milo can even be named as a National Favourite of Malaysia owing to its popularity. Needless to say that they have unique and inventive Milo creations unanimously liked and crowned as a long-time favourite drink. Most of the eateries, restaurants and Kopitiams serve Milo in the most inventive versions. Milo drinks in the name of Milo Dinosaur, Milo Godzilla, Neslo(a Mix of NescafĂ© & Milo), Apart from served as a drink, they even have versions called Roti Milo, where Roti/Parottas or sometimes bread slices, served gloriously sprinkled with a hearty amount of Milo Powder mixed along with a blob of Condensed Milk. *Warning – Only for the Sweet Tooth. I have come across and also have tasted this Chocolate Drink – Milo in India, but I would surely say the taste differs. I believe, the reason behind the taste variation is solely the method of preparation. My acquaintance with this drink was an unforgettable incident. In the early 2000s there was a marketing uphold for Milo India where they catered freebies to promote the brand. A cricket bat for every 2 Kg of Milo, my son convinced his grandfather to buy Milo, I am damn sure not for the drink, but for the Cricket Bat. How we finished that 2 Kg of Milo is another big story then. But Malaysian lifestyle has made Milo an unavoidable beverage in a day-to-day life. Milo Dinosaur is a common drink served in Malaysian Mamak Stalls, restaurants, Kopitiams, Coffee Shops, eateries etc., It is a version of a rich Chocolatey Milo with extra spoons of Milo Powder sprinkled on top of the drink. Another version of the same drink called Milo Godzilla is where it is served with a Scoop of Vanilla Ice cream/Whipped Cream. Milo tastes so good as such, hot or cold the drink is quite chocolatey, but when it is twisted to fancy your whims, it goes to another level of satisfaction. The recipe for Milo Dinosaur is quite simple and pretty straightforward, but trust me you should try this delicious drink to experience it for yourself. The magic behind the taste is the perfect combination of Milo and Sweetened Creamer. Mix it along with ice cubes and finally serve sprinkled with extra spoons of Milo Powder to give an extravagant note of Milo to the drink.

Recipe Ingredient

  • 6 Tbsp Nestle Milo Powder
  • 100ml Hot Water
  • 3/4 - 1 Tbsp Sweetened Creamer/Condensed Milk
  • A few Ice Cubes
  • 2-3 Tbsp Nestle Milo Powder for sprinkling


  1. Mix Nestle Milo powder and Sweetened Creamer along with Hot Water in a tall glass, stir until all the above ingredients are well incorporated.
  2. Top it up with Ice Cubes and give a quick stir. .
  3. Sprinkle ample amount of Nestle Milo Powder over the drink.
  4. Serve Milo Dinosaur chilled

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