It’s no secret that the world is advancing, and in the baking world, we are modernizing as well. There’s been a constant debate on which mode of baking is more effective. Ultimately, it comes down to the baker’s preference, but let’s see how digital baking varies from traditional baking.

Effective or Troublesome?

In the past, bakers then would have to whisk their ingredients using just their whisk and hands which would cause the bakers to use more energy into molding their batter to their preferred texture. This would not just consume a large amount of energy from the baker, but also more time will be put to complete the task.

However, with current development of technology, a mixer could easily assist the baker in whisking everything for as long as it needs. Modern baking has allowed bakers to bake their goods in a more effective way, with less time and energy being utilized in the baking process.

Tasty, but make it safe

Baking goods are a passion, but baking goods that prioritizes safety is a key responsibility. Previously, pizzas were baked in a wood fired pizza oven. Modern baking on the other hand introduced us to digital ovens. Pizzas baked in wood fired pizza ovens are definitely tastier than the ones baked in digital ovens, however, it’s essential to remember that a digital oven is easier to clean out compared to a pizza oven.

Cleaning out a wood fired pizza is essential to maintaining the safety and hygiene of the food. Otherwise, it will end up making the taste strange. Baking pizzas in a digital oven albeit not as tasty is definitely the safer option due to the easy maintenance of keeping it clean since soot and wood ash are absent in the making.

Quality and Quantity

The outcome of modern baking surpasses traditional baking both in quality and quantity simply because the amount of resources and effectiveness of utilizing those resources. Rather than exhausting all energy into manually whisking and burning to achieve singular end product, modern baking introduces machinery that paves the way of producing more with less consumption of energy and manpower.

At the end of the day, it is up to the baker to decide which mode of baking they prefer at the end of the day. However, it sure cannot be denied that technological advancements do contribute to providing maximum effectiveness and utilization of resources in the F&B industry.

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