Among other things, Klang Valley is vastly known for its fun and creative flea markets that are scattered all over Klang Valley’s prime areas. These local flea markets are not your usual ‘pasar malam’, instead they are markets that offer a unique shopping experience to its consumers. 

From knick knacks and cupcakes, to vintage collectables and clothes, there is definitely something for everyone. Even if you end up not buying anything, discovering hidden gems while you explore the flea markets will surely make it an unforgettable experience.

This time around, Kuali, together with Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia & Brunei, is giving homebakers and cooks the opportunity to join in on weekly local flea markets through the Bakers on the Go program. This program’s sole purpose is to support homebakers and cooks by giving them the opportunity to step into entrepreneurship to sell their baked and cooked goods offline at their nearest local flea markets without the additional burden of bearing the costs of expensive booth rentals. 

A couple of years ago when we were still in the midst of the pandemic, Kuali established The Batter Place (TBP), a community of home-based F&B business owners with the vision of extending their market reach and providing a platform for them to grow as entrepreneurs of their own right. By joining The Batter Place, businesses are given an added platform to sell their homebaked and homecooked goods online. These sellers would be listed on a website where interested buyers could order from them with just a click of a button on their profile which is listed both on the Kuali website and Kuali App. 

Besides that, members of The Batter Place would be featured and given a shoutout on Kuali’s social media platforms. But most importantly, by joining The Batter Place, members would also be gaining access to opportunities favorable to their business expansion.

With that in mind, and with the pandemic coming to an end, the Bakers on the Go program kickstarted in September 2022 to encourage these businesses that have been operating online for the most part to gain traction with the consumers on ground as well. The opportunity to meet other bakers or businesses on ground will help sharpen the skills needed by a homebaker to elevate their business on top of networking with other bakers and physically interacting with their customers to expand their business. The number of bakers who are joining this program have since been steadily increasing. 

With such good responses, we will be having an official launch day for our Bakers on the Go program this 26 November at Lorong Belakang, Cyberjaya from 5pm onwards. At the venue, there would be an estimate of twenty five home-based bakers and cooks selling their homemade goods. If you’re looking for a bite, come and join the fun! Head on over to Lorong Belakang, Cyberjaya to meet and support our home bakers! 

Through Bakers on the Go, home-based bakers and cooks could join flea markets of their choice as they take their first steps into their offline business venture. Ms. Raudhatul Ilma binti Jamaluddin of Teh Dan Tat and Ms. Junaidah binti Mohamat of Dot dan Din picked Lorong Belakang, Cyberjaya for their first excursions in September with Bakers on the Go, Ms. Kausalya Devi of The Happy Vanilla Bean participated in Pasar KL on one of their weekly flea markets in November, and Ms. Nurul Hidayah binti Basri of Princess Dack, who had only joined The Batter Place not long ago could be seen selling tasty delicacies all over Klang Valley. 

When approached during her latest outing at KL East Mall Bazaar early November, Ms. Nurul Hidayah was ecstatic to share her experience. “It’s a great program for bakers who would love the exposures on both online and offline platforms yet lack the extra resources. The program certainly accelerated and boosted Princess Dack’s brand to a wider audience and social outreach.” She remarked as she attended her stall.

If you are a home-based baker or cook, we want to support you! Join The Batter Place at and register for Bakers on the Go at to let us know which flea markets you are interested in joining!

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