Peanut Candy


300g peanuts
30g sesame, toasted
150g castor sugar
1 tsp lime or lemon juice
75ml water
3/4 tbsp maltose (mak nga toong)


Dry-fry the peanuts in a hot wok until the skin blisters. Dish out peanuts onto a large plate. Remove the skin and put aside.

Cook sugar, water and lime juice in a saucepan until it starts to boil. Add in maltose and reduce the heat and continue to cook until the syrup is thick. (To test, drop a little of the syrup into a small bowl of ice-cold water; if it forms into a hard ball, it is ready.)

Add in peanuts and mix well. Spread the peanut mixture onto a greased square tray. Sprinkle liberally the toasted sesame seeds over the top.

Use a piece of plastic sheet and press quickly to level out the surface while mixture is still hot. Place a piece of greaseproof paper over and use a small rolling pin to roll out thin and flat.

Lightly grease a sharp knife and cut into bite-sized pieces. Leave the peanut candy brittle in the tray to cool completely before removing to store in an airtight container.

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