Kuali App is 1 Year Old! And we want to thank you for being supportive of this Malaysian food app.

To celebrate Kuali App’s 1st Birthday, we have prepared a mini – treasure hunt to find the hidden ‘Kuali’s 1st Birthday Cupcake’ in our recipe pages within the Kuali App!

Contest Period: 8th – 10th August 2020 (3 days)

Contest Mechanics:

  1. Launch the Kuali App. If you do not have the app yet, download from https://www.kuali.com/app-download.
  2. Browse through Kuali App Recipe Pages to find the hidden ‘Kuali 1st Birthday cupcake’ icon in the Recipe Pages. (Hint: Kuali admin likes ‘Malaysian Favourite’ recipes or visit Kuali’s Facebook to receive Daily Hints).
  3. Screenshot the recipe with the ‘Kuali 1st Birthday Cupcake’ icon from your smartphone, include your name and phone number and email to Kuali@thestar.com.my.
  4. The first three (3) entries per day, will receive an Exclusive Personalised Kuali T-shirt!

Disclaimer: Birthday cupcake’ icon would be hidden on different recipe pages per day. Screenshot on Mobile Web Browser will be disregarded.

Look for This Cupcake! Happy Searching and Good Luck!


Nine (9) Customised Kuali T-shirts (3 prizes x 3 days)

Terms and conditions:


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