THE Medan Makan Malam in SS2, Petaling Jaya is a place that needs no formal introduction.

It has been there for decades and has some noteworthy makan stalls.

For a man on a mad rush like me, my favourite makan place here is stall number 17 which is located in the mid-section of the food court.

32A39605BB4A4135897926F324945EADSimple, cheapand good: Ricewith braisedchicken feet,fried egg, stirfriedbeansprouts andminced pork.

This is a chap-fan (mixed rice) stall that offers a variety of dishes I find unique.

I discovered this place during a lunch-hour excursion on a weekend.

When I work on Sundays, there are very few makan places around my office and this calls for a drive to nearby neighbourhoods located near Menara Star like Section 14, 17, SS2 and Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

Okay, back to stall number 17, what is so great about this place?

0D1A599709F5407A8C5A3C560FB77CBCFavourite haunt: Stall number 17 at the medan selera.

Well, for starters, the mun chee thau phei (braised pig’s head) is something that I look forward to.

This cholesterol-laden, heart-attack and stroke-inducing dish is so tasty it makes me want to go for seconds.

Next, there’s the mun kai keok (braised chicken feet in soya sauce) which is top-notch and as good as those found in many good outlets that I have tried.

The benchmark for excellence in braised chicken feet is a roadside stall in Jalan San Peng.

And when it comes to cost efficiency, this stall had saved my skin several times when I was low on the dough.

The chicken feet and pig’s head were my salvation.

For all that, I was charged RM4.60, a price that does not match the high-living standards in Petaling Jaya and I couldn’t have asked for more.

This chap-fan course of two meat dishes and two vegetable dishes loaded with a generous helping of rice is both filling and delicious.

But, then again, I may be wrong in describing the taste as this is only a stall.

Other noteworthy dishes are the curry chicken and choy keok (mustard leaves with tamarind gravy and scrap meat).

Stall number 17 opens for lunch daily from 11am to 2pm and this makan place is located at SS2/64 with a back entrance at SS2/62.

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