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THE best way to awaken the senses, I discovered recently was to have a taste of Hoi Nang Rom (imported fresh oyster) with a variety of perk-me-up Thai sauces.

Teaspoons of fiery chilli sauce doused over a single oyster with the pungency of garlic slices, finely sliced scallions and crunchy fried shallots added on top, kick-started my eagerness to savour more of Rama V’s Ramadan fare.


Purplish delight: The enjoyable Chor Ladda is relished as an appertiser.

My tastebuds for most parts of the day, had been in a lull as I had dined on mellow flavoured dishes earlier, anticipating a flurry of tastes to assault the senses at the Rama V dinner review that fine Wednesday evening.

I was hardly wrong! The combination of tangy lemon and pricking chilli sauce would have tricked anyone averse to the rawness of oyster meat into falling in love with the mollusc, and Faihan’s first attempt eating them proved a success.

Rama V managing partner Andre Shum obligingly showed how to savour the appetiser, Mieng Kam.

On wild betelnut leaves (daun kadok), he spread a thick dark spicy chilli sauce before adding cubed ginger, onion, peanut, dried shrimp, lime, chilli and toasted coconut shavings which was then rolled up and savoured.

Be forewarned that it would be a long night of non-stop eating, I paced myself and enjoyed up next, the Chor Ladda, a tasty signature appetiser.


Fragrant:Kai Hor Bai Toey (fried chicken in pandan leaves) is beautifully wrapped in pandan leaves.

The Kai Sate (chicken satay) and Popiah Sod Ped (fresh paper rolls with duck slice) served with Rama V special sauce were the other appetisers.

Instead of satay sticks, the chicken marinated with lemongrass, curry powder, chilli powder and pepper is pierced into lemongrass for skewers while the duck popiah, I felt would have tasted better with chunkier meat pieces.

The egg dressing and crunchy soft shell crab in the Yam Pak Poo, a northern Thai dish, was unlike other Thai salads I had tried.

The Som Tam with its refreshing tangy notes needed no introduction and was at its best.

The Tom Ka Kai (spicy tom yam chicken soup with coconut milk) dotted with chilli oil was spicy and creamy with coconut milk a pronounced flavour in this dish.

Shum said because Rama V’s location in the heart of the city was a little challenging for diners to get to at peak hours, the venue was also promoted for corporate functions, events and weddings and this strategy had proven to be a success.

“Nevertheless, Rama V has had a long standing in Kuala Lumpur and is a place regular customers come to have their favourite Thai dishes,” Shum said.

The main courses were an adventure of tastes as we had Hor Mok Kung (otak-otak prawns), Gaeng Massaman Nuer (southern style Massaman Beef Curry), Kai Hor Bai Toey (fried chicken in pandan leaves), Pla Dang Sam Rod (deep fried red snapper served with three Thai chilli sauce), Pad Kana Pla Kem (stir-fried kailan with salted fish), Pad Nuer Naum Orn (stir fried tender beef with crushed black peppercorn) and Gaeng Talay Chuchee (mixed seafood with Chu Chee curry paste).

The steamed otak-otak arrived in a dish with seven inverted domes, offering a palatable offering of mashed prawns, coconut milk and a medley of herbs on the plate.

The sour, sweet, spicy red snapper dish probably made my friend Rueben’s day as this was his favourite on the menu which he orders unfailingly each time he dines here.

With tamarind juice, palm sugar, Thai fish sauce, chilli and garlic in its exciting sauce, we relished this dish with no problems.

The pandan chicken too got the thumbs up although the kailan dish was a notch too salty for my liking.

Lavish with seafood, the Gaeng Talay Chuchee had hints of herbs in its making and was especially lovely with rice.

Shum was particularly interested in our take on the Gaeng Massaman Nuer which is listed as the No.1 dish on CNNGo’s World’s Most Delicious Foods listing.

The Massaman beef I sampled on my last trip to Bangkok and at a local restaurant here were quite different from the Rama V version. The restaurant’s dish lacked the punchy flavours of some of its ingredients like galangal, lemongrass, coriander, cinnamon and cardamom.

Perhaps, a little less peanuts would have brought out the real Massaman in this dish.

The Pad Nuer Naum Orn, the other beef offering which I preferred, scored high with its balanced taste of oyster sauce, soya sauce, garlic, black pepper and butter.

The sauce for the dish was a concoction of Thai fish sauce, soya sauce, lime juice and black pepper that is drizzled unto the tenderloin pieces, giving it robust flavours.

For dessert, we had Mango with Sticky Rice and Pumpkin Custard.

The Ramadan buffet promotion until Aug 28 is priced at RM80++ per adult and RM 40++ per child below 12.

With three rotating menus, diners will be able to enjoy a sumptuous Thai meal in the handsome compound of this elegantly styled restaurant.

This is the writer’s personal observation and is not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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